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The dance scene in Los Angeles will be covered in full detail over the next few minutes. We can’t think of a better way to get the ball rolling than by starting with the best dance schools and studios in your area.

Some of you are probably searching for lessons for kids, others will be for adults, but either way you should be able to find one that suits your needs. It is likely that there will be classes for Samba, Salsa, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tango, The Waltz, K-Pop, or other styles and routines somewhere and we will do our best to help you find them.

After the lessons are out of the way it will be time to pivot to some of the best dance clubs and bars near you. There will be stores around where you can buy shoes, clothes, and other supplies that we will be mentioning.

Aerobic dance routine workouts like Zumba, Jazzercise, Barre, Buti Yoga, or even Pole Dancing in Los Angeles are becoming more popular by the day so will need a shout out. Then we will get into local dance and music festivals both here and around the region.

Stick around for our map that will help you get a better lay of the land. And anyone that is interested can find all of our posts on studios, clubs, and shops in the Southwest at that link.

Best Dance Studios & Classes In Los Angeles

The best Los Angeles dance classes and studios where you can find lessons for kids and/or adults are:

Stellar Dance Studio fosters a pleasant and friendly environment in which children can gain confidence to thrive through the art of dance with a focus on teaching appropriate techniques.

Millennium Dance Complex has multiple world-renowned dance centers near you including one in Anaheim and they are a great option for young and old, expert and novice, famous, and aspiring dancers of all ages and backgrounds.

If you are looking for one of the best places to learn how to dance in LA then consider By Your Side who offers ballroom dance classes, private dance lessons, and wedding dance lessons for learners as young as three years old and all taught by experienced teachers.

Kick It Up Dance and Fitness offers recreational and competitive dance programs for boys and girls ages 3 to adult ranging from ballet and tap to acro and hula, vocal, and musical theatre.

The Arthur Murray Dance Studio has multiple locations including one in Long Beach and Santa Monica that focus on teaching new dancers how to survive on the floor for any style that can be done with a partner such as the waltz, swing, and cha-cha.

For a non-profit organization that focuses on technique, fun, and character development while providing a secure environment for local dancers of all ages, shapes, ethnicities, and genders head to Destined to Dance Studio.

DanceLova Dance Academy in Irvine provides high-quality, detailed, and simple dance classes to children as young as two years old.

Dance Works is a boutique dance school in your area that offers ballet, combo, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, and more to dancers of all ages.

One of Los Angeles’s first dance studios and music schools offering both dance classes and music lessons to students of all ages is Santa Monica School of Dance & Music.

Dance Clubs & Bars

These popular dance clubs and bars near you are a great place to show off your skills:

Those probably will have a mix of house, techno, hip hop, and pop because they are often the easiest music genres to dance to.

Shoes, Clothes, & Supply Stores

Buy aerobic dance clothes shoes Los Angeles bars festivals

When you need to buy dance shoes, clothes, or other supplies head to stores in your area like:

You can expect those to all sell shoes, clothes, and other apparel for dancing in LA but if you need something specific follow the links to make sure they have exactly what you need before you visit them.

Aerobic Dance Workouts

Get a sweat in at these aerobic dance workout studios:

Visit their links to find the right time for you to take your next Zumba, Jazzercise, Barre, or Pole Dancing class.

Evolve Pole & Dance Studio specializes in pole and twerk dance classes in your area and enjoys teaching beginners how to get fit and sexy through pole and dance classes.

AKT provides a distinct blend of toning, interval, circuit, and dance-based workouts with new original programming generated every three weeks.

If you want to find a boutique training center that offers a full-body barre workout that focuses on low-impact, precise, controlled motions and corresponding stretches that target every muscle group including the ones you rarely use for a deep burn visit Body Dada.

Kick It Up Dance provides recreational and competitive dance programs in addition to adult fitness courses with a wide range of options like Zumba and ballet barre near you.

Jazzercise in Anaheim can be found at Dance Precisions which provides group fitness programs for all levels combining local dance cardio with strength training to sculpt and tone your muscles in the ultimate full-body workout.

At the Pure Barre in Irvine is a total-body workout that combines aspects of ballet, Pilates, and weights in a 55-minute rigorous session to burn fat and achieve elevated seats, toned arms, slender thighs, and flat abs.

Music Festivals In Your Area

We will be back soon with a list of the best music and dance festivals in Los Angeles.

If you are interested we have also written about:

Have Fun Dancing In Los Angeles

For now that is all we’ve got, but visit us again as we plan to update this post frequently. Hopefully you learned at least a little something about your local dance classes, studios, music festivals, aerobic workouts, clubs, bars, and stores to buy all kinds of supplies near you.

If you think we got anything wrong or if you want to share your own tips and tricks for your area feel free to use the comments. Have fun dancing in Los Angeles!

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